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Pre-collection is an effective, inexpensive collection aid that stimulates debtor payments directly to you at a very nominal charge. We recommend that this service be used at about 60-90 days delinquency. You may request either mail or telephone pre-collection service, with notices sent 10 days apart. (any account that is not paid in full or does not make specific arrangements to pay within 10-15 days will flow in to action collections at a contingent-upon-collection fee.)

Strategic Voice Broadcasting

Regional Connect strategic voice broadcasting enables you to leave a detailed message, in your own voice, to tens or even thousands of your debtors in minutes. Since the Regional Connect system is 100 percent web based, you can compose a broadcast and send it when you want and have real time reports enabling you to monitor results immediately. We will even give you free minutes to test the system.

Action Collection

Action collection is the most used and the most effective of the CSD collection services. This service employs computer-generated notices, (in keeping with federal requirements) and is administered by collection account specialists. This system has produced record-breaking results.

Contract Billing

When a business enters into an installment payment contract with a debtor, CSD tracks and receives agreed upon payments.

NSF Check Collection

This service uses the same procedures as action collection - at a reasonable fee with very effective results.


Our collectors are professionally trained in the art of skip-tracing. They have the tools and techniques required to locate "lost" consumers. Former neighbors, employers, relatives, and references are contacted in order to obtain collection information. Various directories, credit bureau files, our computer system, and other sources of effective skip-tracing tools are used by our collectors. In the skip-tracing process, we give no information to outside parties other than to tell them that we are attempting to locate the consumer. This is in complete compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).


In our mobile society, quite often consumers will move out of the area/state. We have the ability to forward accounts using our ACA International, and MDHBA Member Rosters. These forwarding networks provide a very effective collection system.

Collection operations


All new collectors receive 30 days of extensive training. All collectors are certified, and are required to pass a comprehensive test covering the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Using weekly training meetings, our collectors are kept abreast of new developments and techniques in the collection industry. Our training program has developed the best collection negotiators in business...firm but fair. This is a key to our continued success. Diplomacy and tact are skills that give us exceptional results, while maintaining the best public image for our clients.

Collection Procedures

1. All accounts are acknowledged the same day as received. Debtor names are listed in alphabetical order along with your internal account number.

2. All accounts receive a first notice though an automatic notice contact series.

3. All collection notices contain the necessary information required by federal law

4. On the thirty first day of placement, the account is presented to the assigned professional collector to continue collection efforts.

5. It is the primary job of each CSD professional collector to contact the debtor, ask for payment in full or to evaluate the account and work out a payment plan for that debtor, in accordance with our published CSD payment schedule.

6. The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act allows for recording and reporting of unpaid collection information to any inquiring credit grantor for up to seven years.

At thirty-one days from placement, all unpaid accounts are sent electronically to Equifax, Experian and Transunion for Credit Record inclusion.

Credit Reporting

All accounts placed for collection, by contractual agreement, are reported for inclusion in the debtor's credit record with Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

The debtor is given 30 days from the date the account is received for collection to settle their obligation in full before the account information is included in their credit record.

All accounts that are paid in full are reported weekly to Equifax, Experian and Transunion.

Leading Edge Technology

Our state-of-the-art processing systems afford you the ultimate collection advantage.

E. A. Uffman and Associates, Inc., uses the IBM AS/400 exclusively for data processing accounts receivable placed for collection, as well as payment distribution. Our state-of-the-art system can process tapes, diskettes and keyed data electronically.


"Intelec" is an integrated, full function collection system and is the only software that can be described as "intelligent". It is a system that can be trained to think, understand, evaluate complex situations and make decisions in the same manner that a human would. The result is a system that offers operational flexibility, automation, management control and levels of productivity which cannot be approached with conventional data-based systems.

"Pro CD Phone Books" and "Accurint"

"Pro CD Phone Books" and "Accurint" are digital directories that allow fast, efficient access to name, address, and telephone listing information. These CD-ROM and Internet based programs contain over 100 million listings and are constantly updated.

Online Payments

We accept online payments via "PayPal" with no additional charges to your debtor/consumer.


"VISA" & "MASTERCARD" are other great weapons in the ongoing battle against progressive uncollectibles. With over 200 million cards issued in the United States, "VISA" & "MASTERCARD" are the world's largest consumer card payment systems.

"Auto-Pay" - Checks Over the Phone

"Auto-Pay" is designed to provide us with the capability of generating ABA American banking association compliant pre-authorized checks in our office. This system, concept and method will expedite our collections and improve your cash flow, while providing convenience to your consumer/debtors.


Prior to the thirtieth (30th of each month, our clients receive a remittance on accounts collected the previous month. The statement includes...

  • Alpha listings of payments
  • Other identifier (i.e. account numbers)
  • Date of payment
  • Where funds were paid (client's office or ours)
  • Amount paid to client
  • Remaining balance

Inventory Report

This is an alphabetical listing of accounts placed for collection. This is available at your request on accounts that have been placed with this office for more than 90 days. The following information appears on this report:

  • Date the account was listed
  • Balance placed


Fee Schedule

Service Fees / Charges
Pre-Collection $2.50 Per Account Listed
(Up to two notices by mail)
Medical, Dental, Hospital, Health Care 35% Under 4 Months*
40% Over 4 Months*
Fee contingent upon collection
Utilities 40% Less Than One Year*
Fee contingent upon collection
Retail 40% Less Than One Year*
Fee contingent upon collection
Commercial 20% - 50%** Based on Size of Account
Fee contingent upon collection
Uncollected Judgments 50% Flat Fee
Fee contingent upon collection
Contract Billing Service 15% of Dollars Recovered
Accounts Over 9 months of Age Second Placement Accounts Accounts Requiring Legal Action Accounts Under $175.00 Skip Traced Accounts Forwarded Accounts All NSF Checks 50% Flat Fee
Fee contingent upon collection
*From Date of Last Service or Charge ** Call for Specific Quote
  • Special rates available for volume placements on recurring basis.
  • An administrative service cancellation fee of 15% will be charged on all recalled accounts.
  • Returned equipment or merchandise is subject to a charge of one-half (1/2) of our acknowledged fee.
  • A finder's fee - 15% (this charge is to cover expenses incurred when an account submitted for collection has, in fact, been previously paid by the debtor).

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