E. A. Uffman and Associates, Inc., shows listings for 1998 through 2007 of 281 million dollars and gross collections for the same period of 57 million dollars, reflecting an overall recovery rate of twenty percent (20%), which is 2% better than the national average compiled by American Collectors Association, Inc. through May 31, 2007.

Banking Arrangements

Citizens Bank & Trust Co.

  • Client trust account
  • Charge card account
  • Operating account
  • Reserve account

Trade Associations

E. A. Uffman and Associates, Inc., is actively involved in numerous trade associations through our memberships in:

  • American Collectors Association International (ACAI)
  • Medical, Dental, Hospital, Business Associates (MDHBA)
  • Health Care Financial Management Association (HFMA)
  • Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA)

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